Top 10 money making android app

Top 10 money making apps

If you are looking for money-making apps to earn some extra money, you are in the right place. We have the top 10 money making apps. Today everyone spends above 5 hours a day on their smartphone. We can use this time to make some extra money. Every student and housewife can earn money from a mobile app and they can find financial independence.

There are many different types of money-making apps in the market but there are so Much Mobile applications fraud with the customer that they are not paying the customer. This makes it very difficult to find real money-making apps.

In this article, we will show you the best Top 10 money-making apps that you can trust 100%. It’s the best way to earn money from your mobile device. Many people have earned lots of money during the pandemic situation and lockdowns.

If other people can earn money from this mobile app then why not you? So Don’t spend your own time using only Facebook and Instagram. You can use this mobile application and you can easily earn a decent amount to fulfill your own needs. Here is the

Top 10 mobile applications for you


1. Meesho

Top 10 money making android app

Meesho is a famous Reselling app, This app is trending now in India. Indian women  can easily  use this app and they can start their online business on mobile. So you don’t have to invest here, it’s completely free and you don’t have to keep any stock. You only need a smartphone to start this business. You can download the Meesho app from the Google play store for free. Then you have to sign up to use this app, after that you can see thousands of products on there.

You can get that product at wholesale price. When you want to sell any product add your profit margins and share that product picture and details on your WhatsApp and Facebook. When that product is sold you will get the Margin in your account. There are many types of reselling apps in the play store, but Meesho is the best reselling app for you.

 Meesho app link-

2. Ebates

Top 10 money making android app

Ebates is the best money making apps in their category. You can make money with cashback  using your mobile phone. You can get it on the Google play store and it is available for all android and ISO users.

Referral links can be shared with your contacts on social media. When someone buys something using your referral link then you will earn money. You can make over $300 by referring to your friends.

 Ebates app link-

3. Fiverr

If you have any types of skill. You can work in this app as a freelancer and  earn a lot of money with the help of Fiverr. This app can easily be download  from the Google play store for free.  You can use this app on Android and iOS devices.

It will allow you to earn from home using your mobile phone. You can make money from your hobbies. If you are interested in digital marketing, content writing, social media, any type of skill you can sell here.

 Fiverr app link-

4. Dosh

Top 10 money making android app

Dosh is an easily earn app this application is the same as Ebates. You can make money by sharing links with your friends. When your friends download this application you can get up to 5 dollars from this application. Use this application and share this referral link using your social media and earn money. This app is available in the Google play store. It’s available for all Android and iOS users.

Dosh app link-

5. Groww

Top 10 money making android app

It is a very safe and easy way to invest your money in the stock market and mutual fund. It’s a user-friendly application. It is available on the Google play store for free and it’s available for both ISO and android users.
You can invest in a mutual fund without paying extra money to any broker. You can earn a lot of  money by investing money in mutual funds and the stock market and you can earn money by referring to your friends and family.

Groww app link-

6. Google’s Opinion Rewards

Top 10 money making android app

Google Opinion Rewards is an android app. You can download this app from the Google play store and you can earn money by answering some quick survey questions and you can earn instant Google opinion rewards. You can use these rewards to buy android apps, books, music, etc from the Google play store.

Google Opinion Rewards app is made by Google. So you can easily trust this app and you can earn a lot of Google rewards from here. You will get between 20 to 30 surveys every week when you will give the right review then you can earn Google Opinion Rewards.

 Google’s Opinion Rewards app link-

7. Roz Dhan

Top 10 money making android app

You can earn money through this Roz Dhan app by reading Newspapers and playing games. It is the best money making apps. It has over 10 Million downloads. If you are interested in playing games in mobile you can use this app and earn money by reading article or news, paying game and by sharing this app to your friends.
If someone  downloads  this app with your referral link you will get 50 rupees and you can get a coin that you can convert to cash and you can easily withdrawal that money from your Paytm wallet.

Roz Dhan app link-

8. Online payment apps

Top 10 money making android app

You can easily earn a great amount by using Google pay, Amazon pay, Paytm, phone, etc. You can earn money by referring this app to your relatives and friends. There a 100% trusted and real app.

When you refer a new member, you can get up to $8 and you can get different types of  scratch cards from Google play. Amazon may give you .43 when you refer a new person and you can get more cashback from the Amazon pay app. You can get $1 for every referral to phonepe and you can also get coupon code and discount.

Google pay-

Amazon pay-


9. Loco

Top 10 money making android app

If you are a gaming lover, you  love to play and watch the game this app is the best money earning app for you. It’s India’s best live game streaming apps. Here you can earn real money by playing the game in your language. It is available on the Google play store and you can download it for free.

You can play their Ludu, Carrom, Aqua Shooter, Fruit cutter, and more multiplayer games. You can earn coins that you can convert into a Google play voucher. This is the best online earnings application in India for watching and playing games.

Loco app link-

Big Time Cash

Top 10 money making android app

You can earn money by playing games on this app. It’s available on the Google play store and you can download it for free. It’s available for Android and iOS users. If you are a game lover, this is the best app for you. And you can easily withdrawal your money via PayPal.

Big Time Cash app link –

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