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How to create a Shopify Dropshipping website in 2021

You have lots of opportunities on the internet to earn some extra money but you can earn a very good amount from a Dropshipping website. It’s the most effective way to earn money due to the Pandemic and during the lockdown. Some people are trying to earn money by internet but they have failed because they are following the wrong process. Dropshipping website is the best earnings source at this time because most people are trying to buy products and services online so Dropshipping business is best for you.

In this business, you don’t need any product and you don’t have to invest here you only have to manage your website.

You can easily become a successful entrepreneur for this. You can create your Dropshipping website on Shopify and you can add your products there. Choosing the best products and finding the best supplier is very important in a Dropshipping business. You can sell all types of physical products like electronic products, dresses, home equipment, and more. You have to add some creativity to your Dropshipping website and then attract customers that you can sell your products to and you have to apply the best marketing strategy in your Dropshipping business after that you can earn a good amount from this.

What is Dropshipping

How to create a Shopify Dropshipping website

Dropshipping is a new business model for the new generation, They can start and earn easily from this business because you don’t need to invest in your products or manage inventory. You can show other suppliers’ products on your website. When you get an order you have to give that order to your supplier then the supplier will deliver the product from the customer after that you can get the profile margin from products. You don’t need to worry about the product shipping  you only have to choose the best supplier. The supplier will handle all the process. You only have to show the useful items or products on your Dropshipping website.

Benefits of Dropshipping

How to create a Shopify Dropshipping website

  • You don’t need to invest in the product and there is no need to manage the inventory. The supplier will  provided you with different types of products.
  • You won’t get any physical pressure (Suppliers will handle all the process)
  • It’s very easy to start because of Less investment and less effort to start Dropshipping website.
  • It’s very easy to manage your Dropshipping website  compared to offline store.
  • No need for any manpower for your business. One person can easily manage it.
  • You can sell your products anywhere and any time in India.  You only have to market your website.

What is Shopify :

How to create a Shopify Dropshipping website

Shopify is the best company to start your Dropshipping business. You can easily build your website using Shopify builder. Shopify headquarters is available in Ottawa, Om by You can create Dropshipping website for free. Most of the users are using Shopify to create their Dropshipping store. So if you are interested in the Dropshipping business you have to  try Shopify to create your website.

Why choose Shopify for your Dropshipping business?

How to create a Shopify Dropshipping website

You can get different types of resources like WooCommerce, bigcommerce, Salehoo, oberlo, Shopify to create your Dropshipping website but Shopify is the best way to create your Dropshipping website. Shopify is very simple and the best way to create your Dropshipping website. Why you choose Shopify to create your website, We have mention below some points.

  • Shopify is ready to use. You don’t need to customize your website because you can get more pre to customize or ready-made themes for your Dropshipping website.
  • You can easily start your dropshipping website using Shopify because it’s easy to use and it is very user-friendly anyone can easily start a drop shipping website.
  • Shopify was specially made for dropshipping. It has many useful features and apps to use on your Dropshipping website and it gives you the best features where you can manage your marketing and payment method as you wish.
  • Here you can easily buy your domain name at a very low price and you don’t have to buy any types of hosting in Shopify because it’s a self Hosting website. It’s a great feature for you. It gives you a website builder where you can easily redesign your website

How to start Dropshipping

  • Choose the best Niche for your website
    Finding a good niche for your Dropshipping business is very important. Select the best Niche and name for your Dropshipping website. You can get lots of YouTube videos that  give you advice on how to choose your Dropshipping website niche. When you choose a product related to your interest or passion you can work the batter. Before choosing a niche make sure whether it is profitable or not, if it is a profitable niche work hard continuously.
  • Make sure that niche  is profitable
    You have to find the right product for your Dropshipping website. You have to check which products are trending now so go to Google trend, Enter your product keyword then check whether it is a popular and profitable niche or not. If that was not a profitable niche don’t waist your time there, find a profitable niche and work thereafter to choose a low cost and big margin product.
  • Buy your Domain, Logo
    Select a unique store name related to your Niche. You can buy your domain name from the Shopify website (You can buy a domain name from another website). Create the best logo for your Dropshipping business. You can easily create your logo from,, Canva is a very good platform to create your Dropshipping website logo. You can create your logo for a graphic designer (You have to pay a small amount for that).
  • Create a Shopify account
    Open your browser on your desktop. Search on Google Shopify and click on the Shopify website. You can get 14 days free trial, in this time you can easily redesign your store and you can export the product to your website. Create your Dropshipping website, add your domain, then add some of your niche product. Your store is ready. You can add between 3000-1,00,000 to your Dropshipping website.

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