Best Curling Iron That Won’t Damage Hair

Best curling iron that won’t damage hair

Curls, pearls, and heels are the beauty elements that can transform your looks in no time. Although straight hair might be in fashion, sometimes they give a flat and dull look. For a more glamorous appearance, try curling your hair once in a while. Perhaps your most significant concern in curling your hair would be finding the best curling iron that won’t damage hair.

Well, here you are; our blog is going to provide you with a dozen of great curling irons. And the best thing is, it won’t bring split ends or frizz to you anymore.

So, read on more to find out the best product for your hair.

12 Best Curling Irons That Won’t Damage Hair Review

  1. Conair Double Ceramic 1-Inch Curling Iron

Conair has got your back if you are looking for an iron that works well and fits for traveling purposes. This iron is in a compact design and is lightweight. Moreover, it also has dual voltage settings to ensure you can use your iron anywhere in the world.

Its double ceramic heat ensures the provision of equal heat to all the hair. This is because the curling rod is insulated with Mica. It is a mineral that has unique thermal properties. Even heat distribution prevents the hair from getting damaged. This iron also controls the frizz and can guarantee you bouncy curls for 18 hours straight.

Conair curling iron has 30 different temperature settings, allowing you to make various hairstyles with a single appliance. It also has an option of a Turbo heat boost. You can use this to curl some of the most tricky hair locks. However, even when the curling iron gets this hot, the safety features prevent you from getting burnt.


  • 1 inch dynamic curling iron

  • Dual voltage settings

  • 30 temperature settings

Pros & Cons

  • Prevents hair damage and frizz
  • It gives longer lasting curls
  • No accidental shutoff
  • Easy to carry in the vanity bag
  • It might not work well for longer hair length.

  1. Alure Three Barrel Curling Iron Wand

Do you often need to curl your hair but always run short of time? We got a solution to this. Presenting a three-barrel curling iron, Allure has shortened the hair styling duration by threefold. Now get your bouncy curls or beach waves are done in lesser time. Each barrel is 1 inch wide and gives you unique hairstyles.

The iron gets real hot, from 0 to 210 degrees Celsius within seconds. It can display the current temperature on an LED display to help you know the exact settings.

The curling iron is made up of pure ceramic to ensure that no hair damage occurs. Additionally, it is coated with Tourmaline, which gives an extra shine and silky look to the hair. When the ceramic heats up with its tourmaline coating, it produces negative ions. This helps to create softer and glossy curls. It also works to prevent frizzy hair and split ends.


  • A cord with full 360-degree rotation

  • 3 barrels to shorten curling time

  • Dual voltage settings of 110 and 220 volts

  • Ideal for all types of hair

Pros & Cons

  • Convenient to hold
  • It comes with pearl hairpins
  • Fast heating to allow various hairstyles
  • It makes long-lasting curls without hair damage
  • It turns off after 15 minutes

  1. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Ceramic Curling Iron

CONAIR is one of the most reliable curling iron brands. It has produced thousands of different products with a variety of stylized options. INFINITYPRO is a ceramic-based rod, and it is coated with high-quality tourmaline. This tourmaline coating reduces moisture loss and prevents hair from wearing frizzy. It also protects hair from heat damage and makes them look healthier. The surface of the curling iron is smooth and makes your hair easily glide up or roll. Now you don’t have to worry about hair snagging or pulling up.

This curling iron also features five different heat settings, with which you can create various styles. It quickly heats up within 30 seconds, so you do not have to wait for long. The heat setting you selected is readily displayed on an LED display for your convenience. The thicker, 1.5-inch barrel allows you to create anything between beachy waves and delicate curls.


  • Maximum temperature up to 400 degrees F

  • Coated with Tourmaline for hair protection

  • Five different heat settings

  • Convenient LED display

Pros & Cons

  • 360-degree swiveling cord for easy handling
  • Even heat distribution which prevents hair burn
  • Light in weight and easy to carry
  • Infrared technology for even heat distribution
  • Cool to touch tip is too small, sometimes causing burns.

  1. HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold Curling Iron

Are you looking for a Gold standard curling iron for all your hairstyling needs? Hot Tools professional is one of the best curling iron that won’t damage hair. With a thicker and longer barrel, this curling iron can easily stylize wider and longer locks without any fuss. The curling iron has a high 85 watts of power, conveniently heating it to 430 degrees Fahrenheit within seconds. Once the curling iron gets hot, it stays at that temperature during the entire styling session.

The hair curling iron can also remember your favorite hair curling heat setting and automatically turn on to it. With an unbeatable quality of heat-conducting surface, the heat is distributed uniformly to every strand of hair, creating professional looks. Various heat settings are provided. Select lower heat settings for thinner hair to prevent hair damage.


  • 1 1 /2-inch curling barrel

  • Maximum temperature of 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Weighs only 1 Pound

  • Memory features remember heat settings.   

Pros & Cons

  • Longer, 8 ft long cord makes it easy to carry around the salon or home
  • Various heat settings to suit all types of hair
  • Year manufacturer warranty
  • Even distribution of heat prevents hair burning, frizz, and moisture loss
  • Curls last until the next day
  • May cause some hair pulling or nagging
  1. Remington CI9538 Pro 1″-1.5″, Curling Iron That Won’t Damage Hair

Women who love hair styling products must be familiar with the brand name Remington. It produces a variety of hair styling tools like curling wands, flat irons, hairdryers, etc. Remingtons hair curling iron will help you make unique hairstyles. With its conical wand measuring 1 to 1.5 inches, you can get your soft, bouncy curls or loose waves just like professionals.

The curling irons wand is coated with high-quality ceramic. It not only ensures an even distribution of heat but also curls hair smoothly without pulling. The barrel is further coated with crushed pearls. These not only keep the hair soft by preventing moisture loss but also imparts a lustrous shine to your locks. Say goodbye to the frizzy hair and split ends because this curling iron does not damage the hair.

The curling iron has ten different heat settings and reaches a maximum of 410 degrees Fahrenheit at no2-year time. All the controls are digital and easy to select. You can also save your desired heat settings with a temperature lock option. Everything gets displayed on an LCD screen for your convenience.


  • Auto Shut off system for safety

  • 360-degree swiveling cord

  • Conical barrel for creating diverse hairstyles

  • 120V

Pros & Cons

  • It comes with heat protection gloves.
  • Digital controls for ease in using
  • It prevents moisture loss from hair and imparts shine.
  • Curls may not last long

  1. Bed Head Rock N’ Roller Curling Wand

Talk about some very unique curling iron, and Bed Head comes up with its Rock N Roller curling iron. This curling iron has a very different, bead-shaped barrel. The barrel is entirely ceramic, coated with high-quality Tourmaline. Not only does it prevent hair damage and moisture loss, but it also retains natural shine.

With this kind of beaded barrel, you can create different types of curls and waves. For example, if you want to effect tousled, loose beachy waves, just wrap the hair around the bubbly art. You need to cover your hair between the bubble segments for a more defined look, tighter curls, or defined spiral waves.


  • Heats up to 4 degrees Fahrenheit in no time

  • Longer, 360-degree swiveling cord for convenience

  • Light in weight and easy to carry

  • Tourmaline coating prevents hair damage from heat.

Pros & Cons

  • It comes with a heat protection glove
  • Dual voltage makes it suitable for international travel
  • Clam free design prevents hair pulling
  • No LED display

  1. BaBylissPRO Ceramic Tools Spring Curling Iron

Conventional hair styling tools use methods of heat which tend to damage the hair very soon. But with BaBylissPRO, you can get your hands on the safest hair styling tools. This curling iron uses far-infrared heat, which does not cause hair breakage, split ends, or frizziness. With the ceramic heat plate technology, the iron distributes heat evenly to all sections of hair. It also produces charged negative ions, which removes the buildup of static electricity. Healthier hair will make your curls look even bouncier and softer.

With this curling iron, you can easily create loose curls, tighter curls, waves with volume and body, and several different hairstyles. The curling iron has 25 different heat settings, and its maximum temperature can go up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. For your convenience, the curling iron also has dual voltage settings so that you can carry it while traveling anywhere in the world.


  • 25 different heat settings

  • 8 ft long swiveling cord which does not gets tangled

  • 1.5-inch curling wand for different hairstyles

  • Tourmaline coating to prevent hair damage

Pros & Cons

  • High performing tool for thick hair
  • Reduced pressure of pull and nag on hair
  • Dual voltage makes it convenient for traveling
  • Fast styling time
  • No LED display

  1. Prizm 1 Inch Wavy Professional Rotating Curling Iron

One of the reasons why Prism is one of the best curling iron that won’t damage hair is that it has an auto-rotating barrel. This means that if you are running short of time, you just need to turn on your curling iron, and the barrel will start to rotate. Give your hair soft, bouncy curls, loose waves, or natural loops within no time. Also, for a faster curling experience, the irons heat up within seconds. It can reach a maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The iron also provides you with 11 different heat settings. Choose according to your hair thickness and desired hairstyle. Even with the high-temperature settings, the curling iron is safe to use. It comes with a glove that is sewn out of heat-resistant material. It protects your hands from getting scalded.


  • Corrosion-resistant, long-lasting curling iron

  • It produces negative ions which retain moisture in the hair

  • Temperature settings between 250°F-450°F

  • Ideal for medium or long hair length

Pros & Cons

  • Dual voltage 110 to 240 for traveling
  • Light in weight and easy to carry
  • Enhances natural hair shine and prevents frizz
  • Not ideal for shoulder length hair

  1. Kiss Products Instawave , Curling Iron That Won’t Damage Hair

If you are tired of using conventional curling wands, then you may need to try Kiss products. The best thing about this curling iron is that its rod has ridges and rings. These act as a comb and detangle the hair down while curling them at the same time. The wand is placed so as your hands never touch the hottest art. This is why there is no need for a heat-resistant glove or an excellent tip.

The kiss curling iron has a maximum temperature of 420 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has two different heat settings, set up for either curls or loose waves.


  • The ceramic plate distributes heat evenly.

  • No fear of hair dryness, breakage, or frizz

  • Rings on the curling wand to detangle hair

  • It comes with 2 year warranty

Pros & Cons

  • Can rotate for both inward and outward curls
  • Automatic shutoff after 9 minutes to prevent electrical hazards
  • Light in weight and easy to carry
  • No LED display
  • Only two temperature settings

  1. ghd Creative Curl Wand with Tapered Barrel

GHDs curling iron features a uniquely constructed tapered wand. This one is specifically designed for the styling of loose curls and bouncy beach waves. It is acquainted with Ultrazone technology which monitors the uniform spread out of heat throughout the iron. The wand also adapts according to your hair thickness and texture. This is especially helpful if you are styling your short-length hair. Remember that not many products in the market offer to curl for short hair.

The curling iron can reach a maximum temperature of 365 degrees Fahrenheit. This reduces the risk of hair damage because of excess heat and also retains moisture levels. With a cool-to-touch tip, this curling iron becomes very easy to handle. It also goes on a sleep mode automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity.


  • 1.1-inch wand tapers to the 0.9-inch tip

  • Enhances natural hair shine and prevents frizz

  • Swiveling 360-degree cord

  • Includes two-year warranty

Pros & Cons

  • Auto shutoff prevents electrical hazards.
  • Stylize your hair in professional curls and loose waves
  • Chime seeker to produce alert chime son reaching maximum temperature
  • No provision of various heat settings
  • No LED display

  1. Terviiix Thin Curling Wand Iron, Best Curling Iron for Black Hair

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The majority of hair curling irons give you loose bouncy curls or beach waves. But if you are a fan of the classic tight curls or ringlets, then Tervilix curling iron is just suitable for you. The narrow barrel gives you the classic 8s look with tighter curls.

The rod of the iron is infused with hair-building ingredients like keratin and Argan oil. These help to build up the hair, add to its shine, and prevent moisture loss. It also has an excellent touch ti and comes with a heat resistant glove to protect you from burning hazards.


  • Instant heat up within 30 seconds

  • 12 different heat settings between 250℉ TO 450℉

  • LED display to show the current temperature

  • Infused with Argan Oil and Keratin

Pros & Cons

  • pRevents hair burns, frizz, and damage
  • 6-minute auto-shutoff system
  • Dual voltage suitable for international traveling
  • Sometimes hair gets stuck at the iron’s tip.heat-resistant2-year

  1. Professional Series Curling Iron 1 1/2 inch by MINT

If you are a working woman and want to get things real fast, MINT has got your back. This professional curling iron has two heaters. This heats the rod quicker and then keeps it hot to your desired temperature. Moreover, the barrel is longer than the usual ones so that your hair will not overlap. This ensures even heat distribution and prevents any heat damage.

The clamp grasps the hair without pulling it and makes it easy for you to style your locks. The temperature settings can be set anywhere between 270 – 430 degrees. A dual voltage system makes this iron ideal for traveling.


  • Extra-long curling barrel

  • Dual voltage settings 120-240V.

  • Coated with Tourmaline to retain the shine

  • Wand size 1.5 inch

Pros & Cons

  • 36-degree swiveling cord
  • Auto shut off the system after 6 minutes
  • Temperature settings between 270-430 degrees
  • Ideal for longer hair
  • Curls do not last long.

Buying Guide for Best curling iron that won’t damage hair

 Before rushing out in the market to find out the best curling iron which won’t damage hair, you need to ascertain some factors. These will help you decide best and will save your time and money as well.

  • Damage protection

Since heat treatments damage hair to a great extent, it is better to check the tool you are buying for the damage control it offers. Usually, curlers are lined with crushed pearls, Tourmaline, and Keratin over their ceramic coating. These elements prevent hair frizz, enhance the shiny look, and prevent moisture loss from hair. Always choose a curling iron with one of these protective elements.

  • Wand size

Wand size is essential to consider because it determines the type of curl you are going to have. A smaller, thinner wand will give you more tight and retro-style curls. A thicker rod will help you achieve beach waves or loose, bouncy girls. Choose according to your face type and hairstyle which suits you best.

  • Temperature Settings

It is always best to choose a curling iron that offers a lot of temperature settings. It is because different styles call for different heat levels. If you are new to curling irons, always start styling with the lowest heat settings—increase step by step to see which location is ideal for you.

  • Cord length

While buying a curling iron, be sure to check its cord length and whether it can swivel or not. A longer cord of more than 8 ft is easy to use. You can connect the iron anywhere in the room and use it conveniently in front of the mirror. Swiveling cord will not tangle and is easy to handle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. My hair is very thin. What can I do to protect them from repetitive iron use?

If you have thin hair and use iron regularly, consider investing in a good hair protective serum. This comes in the form of liquid or spray—just a tiny amount on your locks before curling them. Also, select a lower heat setting for thin hair.

  1. How should I clean my curling wand?

To clean your iron, first, turn it off and allow it to cool down completely. Use a damp cloth and slowly rub over your wand. You might want to use slightly soapy water if the rod has dirt built up. If there is any rust or corrosion build you, discontinue use.

  1. How can I make my curls longer lasting?

It highly depends upon the curling iron you are using. With some irons, your curls can last as long as you to 3 days. However, you can also use a hair setting spray after you have done your styling. This will not loosen your tight curls and keep your style for longer.

Final Thoughts

Curling irons give a voluminous look to your hair in a relatively lesser time. These help you create new and different looks each time without the hassle of rushing to salons. With a bit of practice, you can create unique hairstyles in no time.

While picking out the best curling iron that won’t damage hair, be sure to select a reliable brand. This is because they offer warranties and after-sales services as well. We hope our selection will help you decide the best tool for your hair. So Girls, what are you waiting for? Go rock those curls!

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