10 Best Curling Iron For Thick Hair Reviews 2021

Best Curling Iron for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, it’s a blessing because you can go for any hairstyle without requiring extensions. When it comes to using any hair tool on thick hair, it may need effort and dedication. Thick hair is not easy to handle, and it’s hard to hold them without using proper styling tools. If you love curls, but unable to adopt them due to an inappropriate curler that brings back the original shape in few hours, you have landed on the right page. We are here to help you pick the best curling iron for thick hair that can maintain curls and shine for hours.

Product Reviews

  1. HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold Curling Iron/Wand, 1-1/2 inch

Thick hair requires time to style, and you may have to hold the hot tool at the tip for few seconds to achieve the results. It may also damage the hair ends and fade the color due to excessive heat. If tired of choosing cheap quality curling iron that is not working on your thick hair, then you may need professional 24K gold curling iron by hot tools. The plate of the wand heats up rapidly to the highest temperature in few minutes due to 85watts of power. The plate should be of durable material to style hair in the best possible way

24K gold-plated plate of the hot tools curler is long and heavy-duty to support thick hair in adopting curls for a long time. Unlike regular plate, it is 2″ long and has an on/off switch that can memorize favorite heat settings for the next time. The soft-grip handle provides slip-free handling, and the 8ft swivel cord saves from tangling issues. It’s an ideal curler to use for any hair type.


  • 24K gold-plated curler wand
  • Consume 85w to heat up
  • 2″-longer curling plate
  • 8ft swivel cord

Pros & Cons

  • Deliver quick results
  • Maintain curls for hours
  • Saves hair from excessive damage
  • Support all types of curls
  • The plate is not too smooth

  1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

If you have long hair and not satisfied with any of the curling iron, you may need Babyliss pro nano titanium spring curling iron. This styling tool can provide innovation to any look and deliver textured curls in any weather. If using it at high heat, it can still create shiny curls without damaging ends. The smooth turn of the hair end provides a salon styling look to you and holds look for hours.

It’s the best curling iron for thick hair because it has 50-heat settings to adjust according to the needs. The maximum temperature this curling tool can provide is 450F to keep your hair in curls as long as you want. This curling iron effectively generates particles that can kill damaging elements from your hair while styling them. For increasing mobility, it has an eight-inch swivel electric cord so you can move. Styling your thick hair was never this easy and quick.


  • 50-pro heat settings
  • Maintains curls texture
  • Define style like a salon
  • Deliver maximum temperature of 450F

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight to handle
  • Long-lasting curls
  • Protect hair from damage
  • Work with smoothness
  • Not suitable for thin hair

  1. Conair Double Ceramic 1-Inch Curling Iron


This curling iron by Conair has come up in the market to serve you in the best possible way by creating textured and beautiful curls. It reduces the frizz from hair and creates classic curls for a long-lasting look due to the ceramic plate. The product has 30-heat settings to help you pick any according to hair type, and it can heat up to 375F for quick styling. Thick hairs are not easy to style, and you may have tough spots that can’t curl quickly. The turbo heat boost function helps to style tough spots and has an auto-off feature to prevent hair damage.

This double ceramic curling wand reduces frizz and damage for easy operation. It also has emergency buttons so you can save yourself from mishaps and burning. It has a cold tip for easy handling, and you never have to feel the heat on your fingertips while styling hair. Conair double ceramic 1″ curling iron is user-friendly due to long cord and travel-friendly too. This innovative styling tool can bring shine and beauty to your curls and hold them for hours.


  • Heat up to 375F
  • Turbo heat boost
  • Auto-off feature
  • Double ceramic rod for shine

Pros & Cons

  • Provide heat and damage protection
  • Reduce frizz while styling
  • Create pre-defined curls
  • Easy to handle
  • Not appropriate for short hair

  1. CHI Spin N Curl 1″ Ceramic Rotating Curler

When it comes to creating beautiful curls in less time without burning hair ends, you need something caring and professional. Chi spin n curl 1″ ceramic rotating curler can help you achieving hairstyling goals like salon at home. The appearance of the curler is pro, and it’s an ideal tool for long hair length. It has different temperature settings that can deal with different hair, from fine hair to thick. For thick hair, you need to hold the tool at the end for 15 seconds, and you will get pre-defined shiny curls.

When your hairs are curled, it has a beep sound to alert you for releasing the strand. This rotating curler has a temperature lock so you can complete the whole process in peace without adjusting settings. To save you from mishaps and accidents, the best curling iron for thick hair has a one-hour auto shut-off feature to never compromise on safety. For tangle protection, the chi spin n curl ceramic rotating curler has a 9ft swivel cord. By using directional buttons, you can use them as you want.


  • Temperature lock
  • One-hour auto-shutoff
  • Digital temperature display
  • Maximum temperature of 410F

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Tangle-free cord
  • Create defined curls with shine
  • Temperature settings for all hair types
  • Curl small part at a time
  1. Remington CI9538 Pro 1″-1.5″ Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand

Remington is one of the premium brands serving customers for years with professional tools for a perfect hairstyling. This time, Remington CI9538 pearl ceramic conical curling wand is here to help you getting salon-like curls at home by reducing frizz and damage. Throughout the process, this curling wand distributes heat consistently in less time. The digital control has ten settings; you can select any according to the hair type. You can always look at the temperature and current settings of the wand while styling hair into the curls.

The ceramic coating of the curling wand is responsible for providing smooth curls without burning the ends. The auto shut-off feature keeps you protected from burning and mishaps once it’s been heating for one hour. The curling rod has a temperature lock and swivel cord for easy handling, so you don’t have to feel annoyed while working on your hair. The temperature can reach up to 410F to deal with thick hair in the best possible way and maintain them for a day.


  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • Temperature range up to 410F
  • Digital control
  • Ten settings for styling

Pros & Cons

  • Professional pearl ceramic coating
  • Do less damage
  • Deliver consistent heat
  • Reduce frizz while styling
  • The tip of a tool is small

  1. Ghd Curling Irons, Curl & Wave Wands, Curling Iron for Thick Hair

For the bouncy curls, nothing is better than using Ghd curling irons for regular use. Through this elegant curling rod, you can monitor temperature and distribute heat equally to all strength. While curling hair, you don’t have to fear burning fingers due to the protective cold tip at the front. It’s an efficient tool to own when you have thick hair, and no wand is working on your hair strength. The consistent curls by the appliance keep you comfortable and maintain the look for a whole day.

This best curling iron for thick hair can reach the optimum temperature of 325F that can curl the ends instantly without leaving frizz or damage behind. It goes to automatic sleep when constantly heating up for the previous 30-minutes. It’s suitable for all hair types and has easy to adjust settings while choosing curl type. Depends on the hair type, you can curl a small portion of hair into the tool and hold it for 10-seconds to get the best results.


  • Auto-shutoff after 30 minutes
  • Protective cold tip
  • Ultrazone TM technology
  • The temperature reaches up to 365F

Pros & Cons

  • Deliver soft curls
  • Reduce frizz while styling
  • Prevent hair ends from damage
  • Easy to use
  • Take time to curl

  1. Sam Villa 2-in-1 Professional Marcel Curling Iron & Hair Curling Wand With Extended Barrel

Fashion lovers love to adopt new hairstyles every day, and when it comes to using a tool, most of us are not satisfied due to late results or no hold. Sam villa professional curler can deliver ultimate curls to you at home without burning the ends. It can help you create a variety of looks, and it’s a great option to choose when looking for professional curling to keep the style statement on point. The temperature range can reach up to 392F for quick curls with shine.

It’s an excellent tool to invest in as it is suitable for long and thick hairs that are not easy to control with an ordinary heating wand. By consuming minimum time, you can get the desired hairstyle with a neat look. This versatile curling wand provides maximum control on settings, and with one touch, you can switch features as you want. From the lowest to highest settings, none of the temperatures will burn your hair while styling.


  • Temperature range up to 392F
  • Easy to control
  • One-touch setting
  • Ceramic smooth plate

Pros & Cons

  • Provide bouncy curls
  • Hold style for hours
  • Versatile in settings
  • Deliver maximum control
  • The grip may get too tight

  1. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Gold Curl Marcel Titanium Curling Iron

For long-lasting curls, Paul Mitchell pro tools curling iron is the right option to choose. It’s an ergonomic tool that can lock the grip and make it easy for you to handle the appliance when styling. The temperature range of the curling iron is 430F and can provide texture to hair without making ends rough. Due to the gold titanium surface of the curler, you can adopt any style within minutes, and it will be maintained for a day.

For keeping your safety on point, you can keep the styling tool on the stand while it’s hot to save yourself from burning. The construction is premium to lasts for years, and it has a spring, so you can replace it if it’s not working. For safe operation, you can lock the temperature dial and complete the whole process with ease. Paul Mitchell is committed to quality and delivers salon-like style without damaging the roots or ends of thick hair.


  • Locks temperature
  • Temperature range of 430F
  • The hard grip on the tool
  • Gold titanium surface

Pros & Cons

  • Delivers smooth curls
  • Consistent and long-lasting curls
  • Durable and safe operation
  • Precise working tool
  • No-resistance clamp

  1. 5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set – 0.3 to 1.25 Inch Interchangeable Ceramic Barrel Wand Curling Iron

A professional curling iron is the need of every user looking for a quick styling tool for professional results. For saving you from burned fingers, the model has a heat protective glove for making operation easy. The tourmaline ceramic technology provides the best styling results by sealing moisture and preventing frizz. The ceramic coating of the wand delivers shinier and bouncy curls to you without damaging any hair from the middle.

This best curling iron for thick hair has 9-temperature settings with a digital LCD screen to keep an eye on current settings. The temperature ranges from 250-410F and suitable for all types of hairstyling. The whole unit has 5-professional curling tips that can deliver precise results to you in minimum time. The efficient tool also has a 60-minutes auto-shutoff feature, and there is no need to operate it manually. It also has a zip travel case, so you can always keep it with you without going through packing issues.


  • 5-professional curling tips
  • Temperature ranges from 250-410F
  • One-hour auto-shutoff
  • Digital LCD screen

Pros & Cons

  • Create soft and bouncy curls
  • Saves hair from excessive heat
  • 2-year warranty
  • 360-degrees swivel cord for easy handling
  • It gets way too hot

  1. Professional Series Ultra-Thin Curling Wand 3/8 Inch Iron by MINT

Girls often get annoyed when they spend half of their day creating curls, but they don’t last for the entire event and make their hair frizzy. Women with thick hair struggle a lot when adopting any style because they always need a professional heating tool to hold it. Professional series ultra-thin curling wand has two heaters; one heats the plate while another one maintains temperature. This tool creates curls neatly, so none of the strands overlap, and the heat gets distributed uniformly.

This tool is widely getting used in professional salons due to its exceptional performance and efficient heating capacity. The ceramic and tourmaline barrel provides smooth styling to hair without damaging or fading the color of hair ends. When it comes to handling, it has a luxurious grip to prevent slip issues. It can deliver 430 degrees of heat and can deal with all types of hair.


  • 430F temperature range
  • Ceramic tourmaline barrel
  • Two heaters for maintenance
  • Comfortable grip

Pros & Cons

  • Maintains constant heat
  • Professional curling system
  • Suitable for long hair
  • Deliver curls on time
  • Heat setting needs to be adjusted

Buying Guide for Best Curling Iron for Thick Hair

While buying the best curling iron for thick hair, you need to consider few factors that can play an important role in styling you. From the hair texture to holding look for hours, it all depends on the curler model. Let’s go through this ultimate buying guide to buy the appropriate curler.

  • Temperature Control

When it comes to temperature control, then as a beginner, it must be daunting to determine what temperature suits best? Start from the lowest one to save hair from excessive heat but observe how long it can hold the style? Many advanced tools have a temperature lock to complete the whole process with ease without adjusting the settings after several minutes.

  • Types of Curl

Girls usually like to have loose curls to style themselves in the best possible way. When buying the curling iron, you need to consider the kind of curls requires to complete the look. From the tight curls to beachy waves, you can pick out any of the curlers based on your style.

  • Barrel Material

The barrel is the essential factor that needs your attention when looking for smooth operation by the curler. If you want to have moisture in your hair after styling, choose tourmaline, ceramic for budget-friendly or heat maintenance, and titanium for achieving perfect results for hours. For shiny and bouncy thick curls, you need a high-quality barrel that helps you meet styling goals.

  • Heat Maintenance

The temperature range should be according to the hair strength. If you have thick hair, then the temperature range should be up to 400F. It can maintain style for long hours while you are at the party. You can experiment with different temperature ranges by considering hair thickness in mind so you won’t end up with burned ends. Always stay in between the mid-range that can protect hair from damage and burning.

  • Cord and Grip

Many girls find it hard to handle curler when the cord does not swivel and long enough to move freely. Due to the short cable, you have to stop the process for this. The cord should be rotatable and must not complicate the curling process. Other than the cord, the grip of the best curling iron for thick hair should be slip-resistant. When handling it for a long time, it should be easy to handle without slipping or heating the grip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Should I use heat protecting spray while using any of the curlers on my thick hair?

Thick hair is resistant to heat, and they are hard to style. When using a curler with a high-temperature range, you should have a protection spray that can save ends from burning. Girls with fine hair can burn the roots and ends if not applying a spray.

  1. How should I maintain my curling iron after every use for enhancing its life?

It’s not essential to clean the best curling iron for thick hair after every use if the barrel is clean and has no residue over it. If hairs are all over the barrel, then clean it for the next time use. Always check the voltage compatibility of the curler when inserting it into the socket to save the appliance from damage. You can clean the rod with a damp cloth or paper towel for better results.

  1. Should I use curling iron when my thick hairs are damp or wet?

No matter; if you have thick hair or fine, it’s not recommended to use a hot curling iron on wet or damp hair. Freshly washed hair is more exposed to damage than dry hair, especially when applying heat. Always style your hair when dry to protect as much as you can.

  1. How can I prevent my hair from getting frizzy after styling them?

Thick hairs have tough spots that require effort for styling. Long thick hair is not easy to deal with, and for that, you need additional products. You need to use hair spray or cream to maintain bouncy curls for a long time without making them hard to touch. After applying the product, don’t touch your hair unnecessarily.

Final Thoughts

When picking out the best curling iron for thick hair, you can choose any style to adopt casually with neatness. Every time you will get satisfactory results from the appliance without getting involved in the complicated settings. Our short-listed products are loaded with features and can deliver you perfect results in any weather by reducing frizz. These curling irons are suitable to handle any hair type without burning the ends due to excessive heat issues. Wear any hairstyle with confidence and love.

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