About Fifty Fears

About Fifty Fears For Women


Fifty fears is a site for women who have fears of ageing! The fears of physical and financial independence will be discussed. You will find answers to those fears. You are not alone in these fears, lots of women have had the same fears and figured out solutions.

Our mission here at Fifty Fears is to help you figure out what you can do about these fears. We hope you are ready to get started on this journey. It all starts with a change of mindset. We will figure out that we can overcome these fears and start to live our best lives.

Financial Independence


Financial independence is a fear for women at any age, especially when they are getting closer to retirement age. We will help you find solutions to help you. We will show you some alternatives to make money, how to save and prepare for your later years. If you haven’t started preparing for your retirement, then now is the time. It’s never to late to get started.


Fitness Over Fifty


Fitness over fifty is usually a big concern for most women. Let’s look at where to begin to get and keep our bodies and minds fit for our later years. We will learn that fitness over fifty will allow us to live an independent life. We will be able to enjoy everyday activities longer with our new fitness levels. That feeling of being physically fit will propel you to make other changes that will show it is never too late. It’s all in the mind, if you tell yourself that you won’t succeed then you won’t. But if you change your mindset and tell yourself that you can do and be whoever you want, then you will succeed.


So let’s get started conquering these fears because now is our time.

        Free from all our fears